…. and card-in-a-wallet

If you do not already have one of these little cannisters for each member of your household plus one of the Cards, all produced for the Lions Club of Carterton and freely available to the public, then it is advisable to remedy that as soon as possible.

The idea is that in the ‘bottle’ you put your current surgery prescription, names and contact details of your next of kin, any allergies and any known medical problems plus instructions you may have decided upon, such as transplants, do not resuscitate notes etc.  The ‘bottle’ is stored in the refrigerator, on the outside of which you stick one of the two white-on-green crosses supplied with the bottle, you put the other cross on the inside of your front door. In the event an ambulance or paramedic is called to your home, the label on the inside of the front door leads them to the fridge and vital information.

You put the same information in the ‘card’, which is an A4 sheet that is carefully folded to the size of a credit card and you carry that with you at all times.  The information is of the greatest help to the paramedic or ambulance driver.

Catherine Hitchens

August-September 2019