Burford School: End of an era

burfordschool‘Off the cricket square!’ ‘If you can touch it, you can catch it!’  Familiar words to current students, generations before them and many of their parents too.

It truly was the end of an era, as Burford said a fond farewell to Bill and Mandy Williams, PE teachers at the school since 1983 and 1991 respectively.  Their enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise is second to none. Being a product of The Valleys, Bill’s passion for rugby is legendary – as is Mandy’s for netball.  As many from the Wychwoods who benefitted from their expertise will testify, they were always first onto the field, come rain or shine, Bill in shorts, Mandy in a skirt – no matter that the pitches are frozen and it is minus 5 degrees C – neither has ever been spotted wearing tracksuit bottoms!

Bill and Mandy’s dedication and commitment extended way beyond the classroom (or gym): sports tours to Australia, New Zealand and Canada, Musicals, Star for a Night performances, ski trips – the list is endless.

Facebook has been in overdrive since news of Bill and Mandy’s retirement leaked out, with the word ‘legend’ peppering every other message. To paraphrase one ex-student: “Brilliant teachers who have led young minds and inspired many to achieve great things. True Burfordians.”

Bill and Mandy will be sorely missed; may they enjoy a fun-packed and adventurous retirement.

Sarah Duckworth

August-September 2019