Thanks for the stamps

stampcollectingYou may have read my article on stamp collecting in a previous issue. I was really surprised when I received not one, not two, but four invitations to visit people in the village who kindly wanted to share their stamp collections with me.

It was really exciting to see how other people collected their stamps. It was amazing to see how carefully they arranged all the stamps and how they collected them into different categories. They often labelled the pages with really neat writing and arranged the stamps so neatly.

My first visit was to Mark Goldie from Milton who had a big collection of new stamps called First Day Covers. I had never seen these before. He also had lots of stamps from Trinidad and Tobago because he used to live there. He was really kind to me because he gave me his collection to keep and look after for him. I felt really proud that he trusts me with his life collection! I really liked the book he gave me on sports stamps.

Next I got a very nice invitation to have tea with Hamish Harvey in Shipton. He had an amazing collection of stamps from Kenya because he grew up there. He also had a very nice collection of Cowrie shells in his sitting room!  He gave me some more stamps to arrange into my collection. He told me I should get a catalogue so that I can start to look up my stamps when I get them.

Next stop was just next to our house at the Paddocks with Jeff Broxholme. This was a really exciting trip because I got to see my first ever Penny Black! He had loads of Penny Blacks and Penny Blues and Penny Reds. The Penny Black is the first stamp that was ever made. Even better, he gave me my own Penny Black and a Penny Red, which I have put into a frame! He also showed me all of his cycling medals, because he used to be a champion cyclist.

Finally I got to visit another village- Ascott under Wychwood, where I met John Gripper. He lives in a really old house and I think he is a famous stamp collector because he has so many stamp books. He gave me some tips about how to handle stamps and how to collect them. He gave me a stamp catalogue and he told me I need to decide what to collect instead of just collecting everything as there are too many stamps to organise!

Mr Pengelly down the road has brought me lots of lovely stamps and I have also received envelopes of stamps from two other people, although I don’t know their names to thank them so I hope they are reading this article because I want to say thank you to everyone in the village who has been helping me and is so interested in my hobby.

I have now got one of my friends into stamps so I am giving some of my stamps to him so he can start collecting too. My little sister also has a small collection of her own. I think the village is full of really kind people and it has been really good to visit people and see their collections that they started when they were the same age as me.

Ralph Wessel (aged 9)

August-September 2019