Don’t be averse to a verse

Don’t be averse to a verse

Many pastimes are much worse

At The Paddocks you can liven up the day

And join the Speech Choir that’s run by Mandyrae

Where all can both compose and recite

Poetry which ranges from heavy to light

There’s no limit to the subject matter

The talk is not mere chitter-chatter

Memories abound of good times in the past

The book of these labours is here at last

“Poetry at The Paddocks” is now in print

Although it’s quite sweet it won’t make a mint

A fiver is all it costs to buy

Collect a copy and give it a try

And should you wish to join us some day

Then please get in touch with Mandyrae

Say farewell to worries, forget all cares

Perhaps we’ll produce the new Pam Ayres !

John Drew

August-September 2019