Phileas Fogg beats the Wychwood Surgery

wychwoodsurgerychallengeHe did it in 80 days; it is probably going to take us over a year. The entire surgery team are step-counting and aiming to walk the 55,366,667 steps that it would take to encircle the world. The hope being that it will motivate us all to do a bit more, to be a bit more active.

Why? Aren’t we all busy enough already? Did you know that exercise can reduce the risks of dementia, heart attacks, strokes, bowel cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, osteoarthritis pain, depression and anxiety by between 20-30% with no risky side effects. Do you want those benefits? We do and we want you to benefit too. If we all try to do a bit more than we are doing now it will help our health. If we hit the targets we will maximise the benefits – just 5 brisk 30 minute walks a week, gardening, swimming, tackling the housework with a bit of gusto, so why sit watching the children on the playground or at cricket when you could be walking around the green or pitch? Best of all, it’s free!

So feel free to encourage us, ask us how far we have got – perhaps don’t ask how much further we have to go until next year!

P.S. If you happen to see any of us walking to work, please do not offer a lift but feel free to give us a wave as you go by!

The Wychwood Team

August-September 2019