A time for everything in the garden

gardeningshotAs my reader knows, I am not one to moan (unless a good opportunity presents itself). It seems only the other day I was writing about the joys of spring and the excitement of sowing and planting and now here I am talking about summer! I put it down to the aging process and the fluid nature of time as expounded by one Albert Einstein. Summertime is all about enjoying the warm weather and the long hours of daylight. It is also a time to take stock, see how all those sowings are getting on and, hopefully, harvesting those early crops, such as broad beans, mangetout and salad crops. The danger of frost should be behind us and there is no longer the need to protect all the tender plants. If you have the room, there is no need to stop as you can now sow crops to keep the succession going such as peas to follow the early sowings and plant leeks and brassicas to see you through the winter. To top it all, the strawberries are in season – whoopee doo! In retrospect, perhaps my title should have been have I got time for everything?

MUWAGA events
The last of the MUWAGA 2018/19 talks was on Creating a sensory garden, given by Christine Vick. It was a thought-provoking talk which explored the whole range of human sensory experience and was very well attended. By the time you read this, the MUWAGA AGM (with obligatory cheese, pate and wine – free to members) will be over and the whole of the committee sacked (or not); I feel our fate probably depends more on the food than our performance. Our AGM also marks membership renewal time. It’s still £5 and I think it takes some beating, with six speaker evenings, two cheese and wine events and an Association seed order with Kings seeds that gets you a 50% discount. You can save your £5 on that alone. That’s my plug over. If you want to renew membership or join, contact Di Fletcher or any other committee member and we will be delighted to see you.

There are no talks or meetings during the summer; they start again in September. However, the calendar is not empty. There is the Scarecrow Trail in June and MUWAGA will have a stall at the Milton Fete on 6 July where we will be selling cut flowers. The MUWAGA annual Produce Show will be held in the Milton Village Hall on 24th August – there are classes for everyone so why not give it a go? You do not need to be a member to enter.

Happy gardening
Tony Lewis

June-July 2019