A servant and a service

johnnaishMilton under Wychwood Welfare Trust Charity was formed in the early 1970s. It was a combination of three or four charities coming together to form the welfare trust as it is today. The Welfare Trust has 38 allotments and some land in Milton that it rents out; the income is the money we use to give our grants.

The welfare trust charity constitution says that it gives grants to people β€˜in need, hardship or distress’. This can be in the form of money or book tokens or flowers; we have even given away bicycles! We also give to local organisations like the playgroup and the Wychwood Day Centre.

John Naish, long-term resident of Milton, has been secretary, treasurer and chairman all at the same time for many, many years. He has almost single-handedly looked after the charity to the best of his endeavours. Taking the minutes, writing cheques, dealing with families, buying and delivering flowers – you name, John did it. Now he has decided to step down from his duties so this article is a simple way of sending him a huge amount of thanks for the work he has undertaken for so many years. He will certainly be missed at our meetings.

Pete Rawlins

June-July 2019