Peppa CO-OPerates

Dog1Her master was out at the annual Church meeting
And Peppa the dog was so tired of just sitting.
The dog cage, the sofa, the armchair, the floor,
“I’m tired of all this” she yapped, “I want something more”.
So …. down the path,
Under the gate,
Over the fields,
“Oh, how great!”
Approaching the Co-op, she slowed down to a trot.
The smell of the pastries – “Ah, that hits the spot!”
Dog2Through the back door (her usual way),
She sniffed out the pastries. “Oh glory, Oh Yeay!”
She slid down the aisle knocking over some rum,
When at last she caught sight of a wonderful bun.
With the bun in her jaws, she slipped through the doors.
She was out. She was free!
Her body was shaking with glee,
So …. across the fields,
Under the gate
Down the drive
Not a second too late!
Dog3Her master came back, and opened the door
“My Goodness me, Peppa! there are crumbs on the floor.”
He picked up the hoover. It started to suck,
As Peppa licked her lips at her rather good luck.

Amelia Foxcroft (Aged 9)
Illustrations by Miriam McGregor

June-July 2019