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June is a busy month at Wychwood Library as we prepare for our popular book stall at the Village Fete on 6th July. If you have any books in good condition for us to sell at the fete, we would be delighted to receive them at the library. Last year we raised £550, which was spent on new stock for our borrowers and we hope, with your help, to substantially refresh our stock again this year! Stock suggestions welcome.

July 13th is the launch date of this year’s Summer Reading Challenge which encourages 4-11 year-olds to read at least six books over the long summer holidays. Children receive special rewards each time they finish a book and there’s a certificate for everyone who completes the Challenge. The theme this year is Space Chase, inspired by the 50th anniversary of the first man to land on the moon. Drop into the library to find out more!

The Afternoon Reading Group
‘Five women meet for their first reading group, little realising this social gathering over books and glasses of wine might see them share more than literary debate … and will, in fact, take each of them to places they’d never imagined.’
Although this was written as a review of Elizabeth Noble’s book The Reading Group, it could nearly describe the afternoon reading group which meets in the library in Milton on the second Thursday of each month from 13:00-14:30. I say nearly because we give the wine a miss!

If you have ever stood in the library unable to find a book that you fancy reading then the book group could be for you. The books are often unlike anything you have read before or would choose to read. They come from library HQ in Oxford. We were sent a long list from which to choose. Preferences were then collated and sent in. Some of the books have been a pleasant surprise, some have been absolute shockers – we don’t always get to the end. That does not matter because either way you can say what you liked or disliked. We rarely agree. What do they say about one man’s meat is another man’s poison?

Everyone’s opinion is welcomed and valued and we don’t take things too seriously. I have gone on to read some titles by authors that the book group has introduced me to and other members of the group say the same.

Just come along if you have an hour to spare and see if you like it. If you don’t feel able to just walk in, ring me and one of us will take you along and do the introductions.

Joanna van de Poll
(01993 830090)

June-July 2019