Wychwoods Tennis Club

I first became involved at the Wychwoods Tennis club back in 1999 around the time the New Beaconsfield Hall was finished. Whilst pursuing my role as sports development officer at the hall, I was given the opportunity to set up some adult and junior classes and the rest, as they say, is history. Having left in 2007, I came back to the club as Head Coach a few years ago where becoming a tennis coach all started for me. I couldn’t keep away.

For me, the beautiful thing about the Wychwoods Tennis Club is the friendships I have made and how the whole community get behind the club and coaching. It has definitely always been family focused and is now where my wife and three children play their tennis.

I could not imagine the number of people of all ages and abilities who have benefited from the club and coaching over these 20 years and it is testament to everybody that many faces I remember from the early days are still on the courts playing, enjoying their tennis and still trying to improve.

The Club continues to offer all ages and abilities a comprehensive term time and holiday tennis programme; details of all the classes can be found by checking out the club website. Membership of the club isn’t required to join in these sessions.

However, one key addition to what coaching can offer would come with court lighting, allowing me and other coaches to offer junior coaching after school throughout those dark winter evenings as the lack of lights does limit the sporting capacity we can offer. So I am keen to support the Club’s proposed application for court lighting as it will make a huge difference in the future.

If you or your children are in the least bit thinking about playing tennis then contact me and I’ll try my best to fit you in to a suitable course.

Chris Hampton
Head Coach

Tel 07870 169 215

email suzy.breakpointtennis@gmail.com

June-July 2019