Spring at Ascott Preschool

ascottschoolFeathers, fleece and dragon flames
We have enjoyed a lively Spring term at Preschool. One of the highlights has been watching our chicken and bantam chicks hatch – we incubated the eggs and explained to the children how the chicks would use their ‘egg tooth’ to break the shell.

While most of the chicks were all fluffy and dry by the time we saw them, some of the children were lucky enough to see one come out of the egg still wet and exhausted from the hatching – we had spoken about this beforehand, so it was great to reinforce this. We finished with 20 chicks, and the children were fascinated to watch how quickly they grew.

We enjoyed a (rather damp) walk to see the new lambs in the flock of sheep known as the ‘Wychwood Woolly Wonders’, which are kept just across the road from Tiddy Hall. The children loved matching up the lambs to the ewes by looking for the sprayed markings on their fleece. Thank you to the team for having us.

We celebrated World Book Day by asking the children to bring in their favourite books to share. We focused on The tiger who came to tea because a huge tiger had taken up residence in the kitchen role play area and welcomed the children into the setting – luckily it turned out he was just a very large soft toy. Staff and children all wore striped clothing to keep him company.

Marianne from Wychwood Library visited us, dressed as a very colourful Zog the dragon. She read the Zog story to the children. After the story we all made dragons from a tube, complete with colourful ribbons that become ‘flames’ if you blow through the tube. Thank you, Marianne!

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June-July 2019