N-GAGE Youth Club

n-gageAh, Friday night…the start of the weekend. Time to sit back, relax – maybe pour a glass of wine? Not at Wychwood Baptist Church! At 18:30, each Friday during term time, we spend our evenings mixing with young people from across the Wychwoods.

N-GAGE Youth Club is for anyone in school years 7-11 (first year of secondary school to last year of GCSEs). It has been running for a few years now, and over that time we’ve seen healthy numbers joining us, double figures, maybe up to 20!

Then came September 2018, a new academic year, and a blank pile of registration forms. We started with a year 7 taster event (Shakes & Fries). Around 20 came … not bad. Since then over 50 young people have signed up and we are typically getting 30-40 each week. How to cope with the numbers? Well, if you take a look in our church at the moment you’ll see it’s got two snooker tables and a table tennis table set up – our church services currently take place in our hall (another story, for another time maybe). This allows us to use both the church and hall for youth activities. With two halls in use extra helpers are needed and we’re grateful for those who help us out – let me know if you’re interested!

Our weeks typically alternate between club nights and film nights. Occasionally we have quiz, food, or party nights – and the odd trip off-site. On film nights we munch popcorn and other snacks, whilst watching a variety of films (often skipping back a few years as by the time new films are out on DVD the kids have seen them multiple times!). Club nights include various team games, a chill out zone, board games, pool and table tennis. Towards the end of the evening we stop for drinks, snacks, and a short talk on the Christian faith (usually relating it to something from the film night).

We aim to keep costs down and so only charge £1 per family. Any funds received go straight back into the club for weekly costs, new equipment needs, and to subsidise any trips. The money received doesn’t cover everything, so we’re hugely grateful for the financial support we’ve received over the years from other Wychwood community groups – thank you!

We love our community, and these kids are great. We hope to be able to continue to provide for them for many years to come. So – keep that wine corked. Well, for a couple of hours anyway!

John Witts
For more details on N-Gage Youth Club – see wychwoodbaptist.org.uk/youth
or contact us: office@wychwoodbaptist.org.uk / 01993 832865

April – May 2019