Milton Parish news

The Parish Council work hard on your behalf to improve the sights and facilities in the village and surrounding area. As well as initiating our own projects, we also help out local organisations with grants. We recently gave money to the Wychwood Day Centre and the Village Hall to help with the refurbishment programme.

The village green is a great asset and councillors have been looking at making improvements to the facilities. The basketball backboards on the tennis court are going to be repaired and replaced and we are looking at making provision for netball rings as well. We hope to paint lines on the surface to allow a number of sports to take place. The gates into the play area are being fixed to make them more secure and extra drainage will be installed in May to drain water away from the play equipment.

Following an appeal in the last edition of The Wychwood, the council is now full with yours truly being co-opted onto the council until next year’s elections.

Finally, you may have heard rumours that the Christmas tree will be moved from outside the old post office. Fear not. Following a consultation meeting, it was decided that it would stay where it is best seen provided any new owners are happy. Following concerns about cars driving round the corner during the carol service last year, this year the council will provide barriers to improve safety.

Glynn Allcock

April – May 2019