Children’s hobbies: reading

readingOne of my favourite things to do is read. There are thousands of different types of books, so therefore there is always something to read. As well as there being something for everyone, from a dystopia to a utopia, fantasy to horror, whatever you’re looking for, there is almost definitely a book with it in somewhere. Some of the books that inspired me to read more were the Percy Jackson series, by Rick Riordan, but these weren’t my first. The first book that I remember reading was the classic Giraffes Can’t Dance. Since then I have read quite a few other books, including the Skulduggery Pleasant series which includes fantasy, humour, horror and armageddon.

The place where I mostly like to read is under my bed (which is raised off the ground), on the pillows, (maybe with a hot chocolate!) The best thing about reading is that I never run out of books – when I need a new one, I can go down to the library – we’re really lucky to have it in our village. But the most amazing thing about reading, is the fact that you can read books, quite literally, anywhere, anytime and be a million miles away, immersed in the pages and transported into a different reality.

Luke Sargent

April – May 2019