Children’s hobbies: drama

I started Saplings when I was six years old. We have children up to the age of thirteen and we put on plays. We have done The Dragon, Archibald’s War and Midsummer Nights Dream. We also sing and have sung at many different events such as The Paddocks, a wedding, memorial day singing for the war and at various fetes.

I really enjoy acting and singing and love being on stage. I have performed in one of the Wychwood Player’s Pantomines with two other Saplings. That was an amazing experience to perform with the adults.

At Christmas we went to The Oxford Playhouse to see Dick Wittington and his Cat. In February half term we are going back there to see The Cat in the Hat. I love watching plays and I’ve always loved the film of The Cat in the Hat.

This year we are doing a variety show instead of a play. I’m really excited about this because I don’t have any lines to learn and I can do singing which is what I love most.
Saplings is really fun. You can also move up to the group they run for older children afterwards.

Amelia Godfrey

April – May 2019