Children’s hobbies: stamp collecting

stampcollectinghobbyThe joy of collecting stamps is that it is something to do when you want to be alone or you are feeling bored. I really enjoy it because it is fun seeing what new stamps you get on the letters that come in the letterbox. I especially like the letters from America because the stamps are very interesting. If you don’t get very exciting letters you can always ask your neighbours to save any envelopes from other countries for you.

I collect used stamps and I get the stamps off the envelopes with a bowl of water. All you do is cut a small part of the envelope around the stamp and then soak it in a bowl of water for approximately three hours. After that the stamp will be floating in the water. Finally you leave the stamp to dry on some kitchen roll.

I keep my stamps in an album and I arrange them into different countries. You can also swap stamps with your friends if they collect stamps too. I highly recommend stamp collecting!

Ralph Wessel

April – May 2019