In the hot seat! – Brian Rigby CBE

rigbymark2Chairman of Shipton Parish Council

Perhaps not really a hot seat as I only took over from Bartha Pitman in October – there is more warming up to do!

I have been on the Council for over 10 years having arrived in Shipton 18 years ago after a career in BT and the Treasury. But this is not really about me but about the great team that has come together on the Parish Council with new members Tom Etherington, Tim Brunsden and Tim Yates. Between all seven of us there is a great blend of experience and mutual support. There are many challenges we face – making sure the promises over the 44 houses next to the school are kept as well as ensuring the high speed broadband build is not too disruptive.

But overall our role is to see that Shipton continues to be a vibrant village for all, with jobs and housing for young residents especially in mind. My role is to support the team in delivering that with help from Lisa Wilkinson who keeps us in order.

So challenging times ahead!