Mini sagas

Back in the 1980s, the Telegraph and Radio 4’s Today programme launched a combined competition for writers of Mini Sagas; stories written in exactly 50 words. Generally, each saga leads the reader in one direction before, just before the end, there’s a twist in the tail to jolt the reader in a new direction. The Wychwood will be printing some of these now and in future issues as they make for very good and thoughtful reading. They are best read slowly.

The extraordinary passport
Soon he must take action to regain entry into that magical world. A world where he could be instantly transported anywhere. To the vast depths of the oceans and into the infinite riches of space, to travel back and forth in time. Yes, tomorrow he must renew his library ticket.
Denis Connolly

Knot what you’d expect
She wriggled into her leotard and opened the book. Sweating with pain and discomfort, she struggled valiantly to follow the diagrams. She was progressing well – until she realised her mistake in not buying the second volume. She sighed, never mind, her ankles would keep the back of her neck warm.

These Mini Sagas appear as seen in the Telegraph.

February – March 2019