School was never like this!

wychwoodschoolSchool trips play an important part in enhancing the curriculum for the children and when children leave it is these trips they often remember the most. Zelah and Kieva told me about their trip:
“Years 5 and 6 at Wychwood School went on a trip to We the Curious in Bristol. We enjoyed a range of scientific activities involving water, making giant bubbles and the incredibly informative light and shadow workshop. It was amazing to explore these interesting topics in further detail.”

Another student said,
“The wonderful museum of We the Curious enhanced my ability to understand what science is and what it will be in the future. We found out just how much fun science could be and how much it means to the world.”
The advancement of science at We the Curious opens eyes of children and adults alike – one amazing school trip!

Our youngest children visited Birdland where they looked at all the different species of birds and had a talk about the penguins, in connection with their topic about Arctic and Antarctic animals. They learned about Humboldt and King penguins and the children did some observational drawings. They also saw a variety of different birds and hunted for dinosaur clues to complete the Jurassic journey. Here are some of the children’s comments:
Freya said “We saw King penguins, they were big”.
Samuel said “I liked when we went and saw the dinosaurs.”
Lucy liked “Seeing all of the birds because they’re all different colours”.
Benjamin’s favourite part was “Seeing the little birds because they were so cute”.

Up and coming designers – We have recently run a competition with local building development firm McTaggart and Mickle. The children had to design a bedroom of their dreams. One winner was Alice whose bedroom took on a Beatrix Potter theme with a Mr Tod rug, Mrs Tiggywinkle bed cover, a Jeremy Fisher bath and a tree in the corner for Squirrel Nutkin. The other winner was Edgar; his bedroom was based on a Star Wars theme. The bed was built above a gaming area with a seat designed to replicate Emperor Palpatine’s throne. There was a tie fighter bench for his friends to sit on and a round window made to look like the death star. The wardrobe had a rotating element to make choosing your clothes easier with a touchscreen selection panel. The rubbish bin was a life-size replica of the droid BB-8 and the colour scheme was midnight blue, black and grey to represent the night sky/solar system.

Each child won an Ipad Mini and everyone else who entered was given a £10 voucher. The school also received a £1,000 donation. No, they did not do this in my schooldays either!

Julie Hemmings

February – March 2019