Cubs and Beavers go wild

cubsinwildgardenThe Cubs and Beavers really do regard the Wild Garden as their second meeting place – come rain or shine!

Over the years, we have spent many happy evenings in the Wild Garden, orienteering, making dens and trails, playing wide games, studying nature or sometimes just passing through on night hikes with torches in hand, concentrating on keeping our feet along the dark trails.
There really is a magical feel to the Wild Garden reflected in the children’s faces as they soon forget about the world outside and embrace the adventures and wonders offered by nature and the environment.

This past summer has been no different with more activities, games and even backwoods cooking undertaken with great success! We will continue our nature-study, comparing the flora and fauna through the seasons and re-visit the bird boxes we put up several years ago to see which ones are still in residence.

We love having the Wild Garden on our doorstep and certainly do not take it for granted. Thank you to the Wild Garden committee and all the other volunteers who help keep it such a special place!

Jonathan Ayres (Kaa)
1st Wychwoods Cub Scouts

1st Wychwoods Cubs and Beavers meet on Tuesday evenings during term time at Wychwood Primary School
1st Wychwoods Scouts meet on Thursday evenings during term time at Wychwood Primary School.
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February – March 2019