Fifield guide dogs

A few years ago I wrote a short paragraph in the Fifield Parish Newsletter publicising the need for volunteers to give a Guide Dog brood bitch a good home and help her mate, to whelp and then bring up her puppies, for the first six weeks of their lives, as potential Guide Dogs. Celene Wilkinson took up the challenge and, together with her extended family, took on Jodi, a black Labrador. Jodi has produced 27 splendid puppies over the years. Those puppies have gone out into the world, first to puppy walkers, then to trainers and then, from the age of two to seven, as Working Guide Dogs for blind or partially sighted persons. This is an incredible return, thanks to the Wilkinsons, for one short paragraph. And Jodi? Her work done she now goes into honourable retirement and has been officially adopted by the Wilkinson family, so she will continue to live in Fifield. A very big thank you to all the Wilkinson family and to Jodi. If anyone else feels they could undertake this commitment Celene will be happy to explain all that is required and underline all the help and support given by the Guide Dogs Association.

Catherine Hitchens

February – March 2019