Milton news

Milton under Wychwood Parish Council started 2019 early with their first meeting in mid-January. There is plenty to do this year; among other goals in the coming year, we hope to fill a vacant position on the Council; do please contact the Clerk for details of the role (email In addition, we are hopeful that a safer, more visible crossing will be installed next to Milton Service Station shortly and we continue to look into improving lighting in very poorly lit areas around the village. We welcome suggestions for improvements to the village and with the new financial year approaching, any such ideas for additions to recreational facilities or donation requests from organisations which benefit local people would be fantastic.

We have just received confirmation from Thames Water that they are prepared to fund our Woodland Walk along the North bank of the Littlestock Brook to the tune of £25,000. This is a great boost to the project which is being masterminded by Wild Oxfordshire and the Parish Council. A proper gravel path will be provided from the Orchard through to the bridge towards Grange Farm and along with the renovated bridle way from the old doctor’s surgery will provide a good circular footpath for all to enjoy.

We are also hoping that we will get permission from the Diocese to make a start on renovating the church wall. We have the funding for this and a contractor ready, but as it is listed we just need permission to start from the Diocese.

February – March 2019