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muwagaallotmentWhoopee it’s Christmas
I am not the greatest fan of all the razzmatazz that precedes Christmas but I do like the day itself. It has the feeling that we should all be a bit nicer to each other, an opportunity for a family get together and a bit of fun and glitter at the turning of the seasons. I am also encouraged by the knowledge that the days are getting longer, even if we can’t see it, and we can all dream of our plans and hopes for 2019, in the garden, the allotment and in our wider lives.

An allotment is not just for Christmas
I know this is the season of goodwill to all but, even being charitable about how people use their allotments, there are too many on the Milton site that are simply neglected and I think the picture illustrates this. This is not a case of untidiness, I am guilty of that; as far as I can tell these are people who pay their rent and literally do nothing, allowing weeds to flourish freely. This is worse on the Welfare plots, where, to add additional misery, we have been told about the spread of Horsetail, an ancient and pernicious weed that is very difficult to eradicate, and on the neglected plots it is rampant, spreading by underground roots. This weed can cover a lot of ground in a year and threatens all our plots if left unchecked. Ironically, I hear there is a waiting list for allotments, which must infuriate those on the list who see plots going to the dogs. If you are not using your plot why not let someone else take it on? The allotments were rated as the 3rd most important public space in the Neighbourhood Plan survey, let’s try and make it a space to be proud of.

MUWAGA events
We had a very good talk on 24 October by Jenny Atkinson entitled ‘Exploring the Plants of Papua New Guinea’ which ranged over the country, people and plants and judging by the questions afterwards was really well received. There is no talk in December – we are all too pre-occupied by Christmas. To welcome the New Year we will be holding our ever popular Cheese, Wine and Pate evening on 23 January to bring some cheer in this dark winter month. Looking further ahead, the talk on 27 February by Andrew Tolman is entitled ‘Off the Beaten Track’ and should set us up for the summer months by suggesting places to visit. All our meetings are in Milton village hall and start at 19:30.

I wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year

Happy gardening
Tony Lewis

December 2018 – January 2019