Have you seen us?

Do speeding vehicles through the Wychwoods concern you? Ask anyone who lives or walks near the main roads. How do you get those drivers to think about how fast they are going? The Police? Budget cuts and re-organisation mean there are fewer Police patrolling the streets.

So yet again it is left to the community, and with support from the Police, Shipton and Milton Parish Councils and a handful of volunteers, the Wychwood Community Speedwatch team has evolved. We are now in our second year of targeting hot spots, the rush hour and school run. You may have seen us near the school where you are asked to comply with a 20mph limit when the amber lights are flashing. How many of you are aware of the not-so-new signage?

In the beginning we had to beg and borrow equipment from the local Police, which wasn’t always available. However this year as the result of a very generous donation from a concerned resident, we are now totally self-sufficient with a new Speed Indication Device (SID). We work closely with the Police who have approved the sites we use and come out on occasion to support us on the ground. They keep a database of those cars recorded exceeding the limit and send out the letters. If a vehicle is seen speeding three times in the Thames Valley Police area then the Police will take further action. With this in mind it is not our intention to persecute the poor motorist but to educate/persuade those few that decide to speed through where we live, where we walk our children to school, where we ride our horses and where we ride our bikes to be more aware of their speed.

Remember we are all volunteers trying to look after our community, so if you see us in our high visibility jackets then give us a friendly wave and a smile.

If you want any more information visit https://www.communityspeedwatch.org/ for more information.

Ian Drainer

December 2018 – January 2019