THE Royal Baby

CrownsAs I write, it’s the week after the announcement that Harry and Meghan are awaiting their first child. We have another royal birth to look forward to!

OK, so ‘Baby Sussex’ may be seventh in line to the throne, and unless the Queen intervenes, seems unlikely to receive a Royal title, but still …

During advent we anticipate, and at Christmas we celebrate, another royal birth. One who is not only a king, but THE king.

Christmas is a time some of us listen, or go, to a rendition of Handel’s Messiah. Many of us will be familiar with the Hallelujah! chorus. Proclaiming truths from the book of Revelation, it sings praise to Jesus, the ‘King of Kings,’ who ‘shall reign for ever and ever.’ Jesus might have been born in humble circumstances, but the Christmas story reveals he was born to be king. The prophet Isaiah foretells it; and Matthew’s gospel tells how the Magi (wise men) bring their gifts to the one ‘born to be king.’

The announcement of a royal birth may lead us to ask the question ‘will he/she be my king or queen?’ We need to ask ourselves the same question as a result of Jesus’ birth. If Jesus really is the ‘King of Kings,’ as the Hallelujah Chorus says, we should at least consider if he has a claim on our lives.

Jesus didn’t live as a king in his first coming and his disciples found it hard to take in that the person that they recognized as God’s promised Messiah was not going to take up a throne immediately, as they expected. He shocked them by telling them that first he had to die and be raised to life, because without the sacrifice of his life no-one would be fit for the new Kingdom he was establishing. We may also be shocked to discover that if we want Jesus to be King and rule our lives he has to be our Saviour first.

The kingdom Jesus promises is one that restores things to how God intended – living under the blessings of His loving and perfect rule. Not just for today, but for eternity.

So, as you anticipate another Royal birth, and as you put on that paper crown from your cracker this Christmas, take some time to consider who Jesus is, and ask yourself – ‘Is He my king?’
Everyone is welcome to join us at Wychwood Baptist Church this Christmas as we celebrate King Jesus. Details of our events can be found here in the magazine or on our website –

A very Happy Christmas from all of us at Wychwood Baptist Church.

Rev’d John Witts

December 2018 – January 2019