The Hot Seat!

christrottmannThe ups and downs of being Milton’s Parish Council Chairman

Before getting so heavily involved in our local council, I spent the majority of my working life in education as a teacher although I did spend the first few years of employment in industry so I did not come straight from the classroom, to college and back to the classroom, or in my case the workshop.

I moved to Witney in 1980 as Deputy Head of Department. However my biggest break came in 1990 when I was made Pastoral Head of Year, a role I really enjoyed. I had a team of eight tutors and 240 pupils in my care and, as a team, we followed one age group up through the years.

Being Chairman is both pleasing and frustrating; pleasing in that there are many decisions that need to be made that affect and hopefully enhance our village, frustrating in that many ideas are just not possible for political or financial reasons. So we strive for a happy medium! Our church wall is a case in point; I started work on this in early 2017, and we are now just at the stage of waiting for the Diocese to grant us the permission to start – positive but frustrating! I have also been working with the Environment Agency and Wild Oxfordshire in trying to stem the flooding and improve the water quality of our Littlestock Brook – fascinating and rewarding!

Of course, most of my time is spent on smaller, but just as important matters within the village. Delegation is a big part of my role, I cannot do everything – nor do I wish to – but making sure councillors can do what they are charged with is very fundamental to the role.

I have been Chairman for 2½ years now. It is a role I enjoy and a role to which I am honoured to be appointed. It is not too dissimilar from my teaching role!

Chris Trotman

December 2018 – January 2019