Fifield explained

Village names
The origin of our village name – 5 hides/holdings/fields, is fairly well known, but has anyone ever managed to count the number of spellings for Fifield through the ages? For a start: Place-Names of Oxfordshire by Margaret Gelling, based on material collected by Doris Mary Stenton lists many spellings, including Fifhide, Fifhyde, Vifhid, Fixhyde and Fyfhid Mirymouth. (Merrymouth comes, it is said, from John Muremonth in 1316 but his self-aggrandizement didn’t last). Deeds of older properties in the parish often use Fyfield. interesting but very confusing when trying to type them!
Some of the field names used through the years include further interesting names with clues and connections between the present and bygone events, residents or uses: Blandy Lake, Bogs Close, Crying Corner, Hanging Furlong, Hen Plott, Valour, Larksparrow Ground, The Melholds, Old Seed, Picked Ground, Pikes Corner, Ploughed Heines Ground, Rugged Pied, Sidelong Ground, Snow Hill, Summer Eating Ground and Twogood Ground.

Friends of St John the Baptist 2019 Pets’ Calendar
Congratulations to the instigators of this brilliant new idea and thanks to everyone who took part in the vote to decide the winners. The finished calendars feature well-known local dogs, cats, horses, llamas and other animals. They are enchanting and are now ready for sale as the perfect Christmas present and cost £6 each; all proceeds will go to the Friends of Fifield Church. Contact Amy Schlee 01993 831826 or Sally Austin at

Catherine Hitchens

December 2018 – January 2019