October – November 2018



The British have a fascination with the weather; remembering ‘The Beast from the East’ and a heatwave all within the past 12 months, this is no surprise. This issue of the magazine will feed that fascination as Mike Hartley recounts the impact of the weather on farming, Tony Lewis, in his own inimical style, reports on the impact on gardens and allotments and, last but by no means least, John Miskin whets the appetite of readers as he prepares us for a comparison of 1976, the famous drought year, and the summer of 2018. John has kept weather records for many years, including those two, so he will compare them more fully in our next issue.

These three writers have all made contributions to the magazine in the past, so it is good to recognize the input of comparatively new writers who have written about subjects as diverse as Kingham station, a much-loved musician and even the milkman, which all goes to show that anyone can write about a subject that interests them.

If this all sounds too parochial, you can read about local residents with distant connections – the vicar who lived in Uruguay and the doctor who rejoiced among the flower garlands of the Solomon Islands.

There really is something for everybody in The Wychwood Magazine.

Bob Forster, Editor

List of articles

Dr Nixon looks back
Local work by the Cotswold Wardens
Ascott martyrs
An evening with Jan Harvey
New Beaconsfield Hall celebrations
Gardening news
Harvest on the farm
The summers of 1976 and 2018
The Performers’ Club
Fifield events
The Wychwood welcome pack
Good news rings out from the bell tower
Constructing a shepherd’s hut
The new vicar
Milton’s special tree
1066 and all that
More photographic tips
On your doorstep: Moreton’s Seat
Milton parish news
Once in a blue moon
Our milkman
Library news
From the archives
Dogs we have seen
Step up for Alex
Wychwood surgery patients’ group
Wychwood Circle
Kingham station
Wartime memories
Everyday sayings that originate from the Bible
Things that we miss


Robin Martin-Oliver
Dorothy Treweeke