The things that we miss

During the lull of activity that persevered during the heatwave, several readers of the Wychwood Magazine reminisced about some of the things that they miss, for better or for worse. Once other readers have looked through this list, they are warmly invited to send items of their own for another possible list. So take a stroll down Memory Lane and see how many of these that you remember.
● Spangles
● Fry’s Chocolate Cream bars
● Strap-on roller skates
● Green Shield stamps
● The choke knob on each dashboard
● Free plastic flowers with Daz
● Cap pistols and one penny bangers
● Vesta paella
● Free tumblers with petrol
● England’s Glory matches*
● Doc Marten boots (‘bovva boots’)
● Tennis racquets strung with gut
● Morris Minors
● Texan bar
● The 11 plus
● Children taught proper joined up writing using a pen and ink
● The words penny, tuppence and threepence
● Camp coffee
● Sausages with real gut skins which burst when cooked
● Doctors making house calls
● Temperatures in Fahrenheit
● Bob-a-Job week and Senior Sixers in Cubs with three stripes and no girls
● Parafin stoves
● No injections at the dentist but penicillin injected by the Doctor with a needle which seemed to have been used for knitting
● Elm trees, some one hundred feet high but still climbed by intrepid boys taking rook eggs
● Sodium chloride weed killer
● Teenagers who acknowledge greetings
● Double de-clutch
● Platform tickets at the railway station
● Leaving the armchair to change TV channels
● Editors who keep to the old rule about never starting a sentence with the word ‘And’!

*These boxes always had a joke on the back; one that comes to mind is as follows:
What is one definition of a cultured person? … A person who listens to the William Tell overture by Rossini without first thinking of The Lone Ranger.
Please note: these memories have been submitted by a wide variety of contributors so do not shoot the editor if there are any you do not like!

October – November 2018