It has been an enormous “Step up for Alex”

Eighteen months on from launching our fundraiser, Alex has since spent 30 days in hospital, 170 hours plugged into Functional Electrical Stimulation, 233 hours in one-to-one physio and over 250 hours in the car to get to these appointments!

In between all this, she has completed Foundation and Year One, joined Rainbows and the Wychwood Saplings, continued to learn to swim and tried to be an average six-year old, just like her twin sister, Izzy.

Despite the gruelling schedule, Alex has blossomed as each day she pushes herself to her limits. With her body freed from the spasticity in her legs, she has now moved from half leg splints to ankle ones, and this summer she is confidently walking with her sticks and taking independent steps.

Alex still faces years of non-NHS funded therapy – personal training will soon be added and surgeries will need to take place – and it is not only therapy that Alex requires. With the money raised we have been able to give Alex more independence with a lightweight, off-road wheelchair and we are currently trying to source a second-hand treadmill for walking practice and fitness.

With the most amazing support and generosity of our family, friends and the local community we have raised a wonderful £58,800 but for Alex to continue her journey to independence, fundraising will have to continue.

Ways to help:

Thank you so much for considering this!

Fiona, Calvin, Izzy and Alex Hutt

October – November 2018