On your doorstep – Lord Moreton’s Seat

Tucked away in the parish of Lyneham is a tranquil spot with a magnificent view. It is not beside a road so you have to walk there.

The location is called Lord Moreton’s Seat and is best reached from the cross at Sarsden. Almost opposite the cross is a most ornate footpath gate leading to a track, which is also a public Right of Way. All you have to do is follow the track gently uphill past the farm buildings of Fairgreen Farm until you reach a wide grassy strip to cross. An impressive stone column comes into view on your left. By the column is Lord Moreton’s Seat, set back, just waiting for you to rest and enjoy the view after less than a mile’s walk.

So who was Lord Moreton? He was the son of Earl Ducie who inherited Sarsden Estate in 1865 on the death of Squire Langston. Lord Moreton was Earl Ducie’s son. Lord Ducie did not live at Sarsden as he also had estates at Tortworth in Gloucestershire so Lord Moreton, his son lived there.

His full name was Henry Haughton Reynolds, Lord Moreton [1857 – 1920] and he loved the view of the Evenlode Valley from this stone seat above Merriscourt.

Rosemary Wilson

October – November 2018