The Oxfordshire Performers Club

A Performers Club has recently been set up for adult amateur musicians who are seeking opportunities to perform in a friendly and supportive environment.

The Oxfordshire Performers Club, which meets at various Oxfordshire locations every 6 weeks or so, is for players and singers, at any level and with any instrument, who want to gain experience and confidence at performing, without the pressures of a formal concert. Players perform to each other, friends and family, and can perform all or just part of a piece.

The Club welcomes learners who can try out their pieces at the Club before their examination. We also welcome experienced players who simply lack sufficient opportunities to perform. Some very experienced players try out pieces at the Club first, before performing them at a formal concert.

Come and join us, either as a performer or a listener. More information, including about the venue, can be found on the website and the Facebook page, or email


Jude Douglass

October – November 2018