Summers of 1976 and 2018 – which was the hottest and driest?

weather2018 has been an extraordinary year weather-wise so far in the Wychwoods, with the ‘Beast from the East’ to start the year, storms at the end of May and the exceptional heat and dryness of the summer.

Accepting the fact that in 1976 the summer ended at the equinox in September(21st) and today it is generally accepted that summer ends on the 1st September, a lot can and will happen in that period, with the intense heat remaining in North Africa and the seas around Greenland being abnormally warm for the time of year.

So how do the summers and years compare I have been asked?
This may sound like a straightforward question, but 1976 and 2018 were different in so many ways, and I am still scrutinising the data from both years, and will be writing a full report in the next edition of the Wychwood Magazine.

All I will say is that the answer will be based on accurate statistics and an explanation as to why we have had a year which has been more continental than our usual combination of mild winters and cool summers.

John Miskin

October – November 2018