Cotswold Voluntary Wardens work in the Wychwoods

Milton sheepwash during workawvOver the last two months, Cotswold Wardens have made a significant contribution to our core objectives in the Wychwood area, namely conserving, enhancing, understanding and enjoying our Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
First, we arranged for Wychwood School to visit the Rollright Stones with Year 6 after their SATs. It proved to be a magical experience for the children, many of whom had not visited the site before. We explored the drama of the witch of Rollright, turning the king and his men to stone. The pupils tried to count the stones in the circle, but failed to reach a definitive number, and they learned of the legends surrounding the Whispering Knights. It was a great educational and enjoyable event.

The wardens have cleared the heritage sheep wash sites at Ascott and Upper Milton to give the public the chance to see what they used to look like, and have also made a more permanent repair to the rotten post at the metal kissing gate off Jubilee Lane into the meadow.

Soon, at Diggers Wood, we will be sowing Yellow Rattle seed in order to reduce the vigour of the grass so that wild flowers might have a better chance of emerging; we also plan to plant 100 bluebell bulbs.
Sadly, we have to report that on a recent survey of the trees planted at Lyneham on the Bruern Estate, due to the drought, they have suffered over the hot summer, only around 40-50% have survived. However, not to be defeated, the Wardens are already making plans to replace the dead saplings this autumn.

If you would like to join us on our journey to bring our beautiful landscape alive, please contact Becky Jones, who lives in Shipton, at or tel. 01451 862008.

Gerry Simper
Cotswold Voluntary Warden for East District

October – November 2018