Fields of plastic tubes: the local background

I was interested to read your article ‘Fields of plastic tubes’ and I thought you might be interested to hear the full story. As most of us remember there was a huge flood in 2007 as a result of which Bruern Farm was approached by the County Council to see whether we could help stem the flow of any future flooding which had threatened The Heath. Of course we agreed and a minor flood mitigation system was incorporated into Cook’s Meadow with the intention of slowing down any future flooding. However, we decided that we could do more and, with the help of the Environment Agency, we are in the process of incorporating natural flood management which will extend from Hill Farm down to Milton. Some may notice that woody dams have already been installed in the Littlestock Brook beside Allotment Field and, together with the Environment Agency, using the Evenlode Catchment Partnership and after consulting The Cotswold Conservation Board, bunds and small ponds have been dug out all the way down from Hill Farm to Milton and, with Forestry Commission approval, trees have been planted.

The intention is to plant 17,000 trees at Bruern but we were caught out by the particularly wet winter and the last ones will not be in the ground until autumn of 2018.
There is also reference in your article to a new plantation beside the A361. This is on Merriscourt which we also farm and where we have decided to plant 8,000 trees, again with Forestry Commission approval and with the help of Cotswold Warders.

This is an expensive project which is being paid for by Bruern Farm with the help of a Woodland Creation Grant under a Countryside Stewardship scheme; it is unconnected to the Woodland Trust mentioned in the last issue of the magazine.

David Astor

N.B. Bruern Estate and the Environment Agency plan to hold an open day later in the year to review progress.


August – September 2018