The Wychwood Quiz (iii)

1. Everyone knows the location of the New Beaconsfield Hall but where was the original building?
2. What were the previous names of the Milton Hare and the Wychwood Inn?
3. What would your Oxfordshire-born neighbour be referring to if he said: “There’s a lot of keck in the lane this year”?
4. Who came to Shipton in September 1922 for a bit of a charitable knockabout?
5. Where was Milton’s dairy?
6. Where was the Costcutter store in Shipton before it closed down?
7. In which century was Shipton Court originally built?
8. Name a pub in Milton and one in Ascott which are both now private homes?
9. During the Second World War, which famous figure stayed for a spell at the Shaven Crown following a period of internment?
10. Where would you find the Old Malt House in Shipton?
11. Who was Clemmy Clemson?
12. What feature does Milton parish church and The Old Bailey have in common?
13. Which well-known eccentric visited the old school in Milton before giving evidence on behalf of The Victorian Society to an enquiry that saved it from demolition?
14. What was the name of Milton’s blacksmith when it last had a forge?
15. Whereabouts in the Wychwoods is a stained glass window found that depicts a railway signal box, some chickens and the words, ‘Advise, assist and befriend’?
16. Which unusual variety of tree is growing on the grass bank opposite the Wychwood Inn at the start of the Milton Road?
17. Which river does the Evenlode join further downstream?
18. Who owns a hot air balloon called ‘Tempus Fugit’?
19. How long did it take Mark Jessey to complete this year’s London Marathon?
20. To what use was The Green in Shipton put during the Second World War?


1. On the opposite side of the main road where Vant Well Place is now built.
2. The Quart Pot and the Red Horse respectively.
3. Cow Parsley
4. Jack Hobbs
5. Where Poplar Farm Close is now.
6. Next to the village green, where the new houses are now.
7. 17th century, around 1603
8. Butchers Arms in Milton and the Churchill Arms in Ascott
9. Sir Oswald Moseley
10. In Upper High Street, opposite The Lamb
11. An old character who spent most of the time on his allotment. He had a dog for company that was blind and who would follow Clemmy everywhere. In the 1970s Clemmy was very skilled at playing the local yokel and his skills earned him many a free pint at the Quart Pot from American servicemen who lived in the village when based at RAF Heyford.
12. They were both designed by the same architect, George Street.
13. John Betjeman
14. Fred Puffet
15. In Milton church, in commemoration of Kenneth Thompson, an illustrious member of the Probation Service who lived at the crossing cottage in Bruern.
16. A walnut
17. The Thames
18. Peter Meecham
19. 5 hours, 22 minutes and 22 seconds
20. It was given over to allotments.

August – September 2018