A warm welcome

Plans and the first stages of development are underway for new houses to be built in both Shipton and Milton with up to a hundred new homes being constructed. That is a lot of new arrivals. Those people who already live in our communities are familiar with all that the locality has to offer; for newcomers, that is very different. They might be far inland, but they could feel all at sea when they first arrive!

The Wychwood Magazine is hoping to be the focus for the production of a ‘welcome pack’ that will introduce the area and all its potential to our new neighbours. At this stage, it is anticipated that the pack will include reference to all local facilities and organisations, the aim being to allow new arrivals to integrate quickly and happily into our villages. Any readers who would be willing to help with this task would be very welcome; please get in touch with the Magazine (editor@thewychwood.co.uk) and ensure that these newcomers come to appreciate this area as much as we do.

August – September 2018