Local heroes

Congratulations to Archie Orr-Ewing, who saved the life of a customer at his and Nicola’s pub, The Swan at Swinbrook. A diner had swallowed too large a piece of meat which lodged and prevented her breathing. In the few moments before a fellow diner alerted Archie to the problem, the woman lost consciousness and turned blue. Using his First Aid training, Archie freed the lodged food, gave CPR, and directed the woman’s husband how to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. It was some minutes before the woman regained consciousness but when South Central Ambulance staff arrived, the woman was already sitting up and by the time she reached the John Radcliffe Hospital was well enough to be discharged quite soon. Subsequently SCAS contacted Archie and made a presentation to him for saving the woman’s life. Archie said, “Anyone would have done the same. All our staff do first aid training -but doing it for real is very tiring!” The woman diner has since been in touch, returning from her home in Derbyshire, to thank Archie in person.

More congratulations to Archie and Nicola Orr-Ewing. Not only is their other pub, The King’s Head at Bledington, the Good Pub of the year for 2018, it was recently voted into the top 30 Best Summer Pubs competition organised by The Times. What a splendid achievement very richly deserved. Fifield is very proud of their own Archie and Nic.

Catherine Hitchens

August – September 2018