Introducing Marianne Ferrero, our new library manager

mariannelibrarianI have thoroughly enjoyed my first month as Manager at Wychwood Library. While I relished the prospect of returning to work after five years of full-time motherhood, I knew I had a very hard act to follow. I worked in Bolton libraries between the ages of sixteen and twenty one, but many years have passed since then, including eight years as a primary school teacher and acquiring an MA in art education.

While it has been a steep learning curve, I need not have worried about the reception I would receive. From my first day, I have felt welcome and fully supported by the Friends, volunteers and users of Wychwood Library and count myself very fortunate to have joined such a strong and vibrant community. I quickly learnt that Wychwood Library is not only a library but a community centre, hosting Tai Chi, the Wychwood Circle and coffee mornings as well as reading and poetry groups.

As the daughter of a librarian and an English teacher, reading has always been a top priority, although, with three young children I more often pick up a picture book than a novel. I have very fond memories of reading The Hobbit with my father at bedtime; his Gollum was unforgettable, and unsurpassed by Andy Serkis in the recent film. My brother, a great fan of Conan Doyle, took great delight in sharing Sherlock Holmes’ adventures with his young and impressionable sister, resulting in spending nights, wide-eyed and alert for any signs of Creeping Men or Speckled bands.

In my teens, I devoured a wide range of literature but had a preference for female writers and anything romantic and mysterious. Particular favourites included the Brontes, Daphne Du Maurier, Wilkie Collins and Margaret Atwood. I was particularly infatuated with John Keats, whose likeness I would rather have had on my wall than anyone from Take That or Boyzone.

More recently, between changing nappies and picking up discarded food, I have been drawn to historical fiction, especially Rose Tremain, Sarah Dunant and Sarah Waters. Historical thrillers are also a favourite of mine; initially Ellis Peters and Susanna Gregory, but more recently the page turners of C. J. Sansom. Like many, I have been captivated by Steig Larsson’s Millenium Trilogy and am currently reading David Lagercrantz’s ‘The Girl in the Spider’s Web’.

I look forward to building on the excellent work that has been done to make the library an even more fundamental and vibrant hub of the local community. Look out for our regular contributions to The Wychwood Magazine and please do come and visit and see for yourselves what the library has to offer.

August – September 2018