Going up

After years of what feels like an unchanging scene in the Wychwoods, change is at hand. And change is always controversial, especially changes to the environment. The locals like these communities just as they are, just as they have always been. But in a period of rising population in Britain – there are now over 60 million people living on these shores – housing shortage has become a national issue and one view is that others should be able to benefit from everything that the Wychwoods have to offer. So from a period of minimal change when limited infilling has taken place, there are now three developments in the pipeline:

  • Up at the end of Milton High Street, beyond the Baptist Chapel, the ground has already been cleared and 62 new houses are being built in a mixture of sizes. Completion is due in mid-2020.
  • In Shipton, at the back of the school, 44 houses are being erected, with an anticipated start of autumn this year. Again, there will be a mixture of housing types, with various schemes of ownership; plans include a much larger parking space for the school to meet a long-held need.
  • Back in Milton, at the end of Jubilee Lane, planning permission has been granted for nine further houses. An appeal against the decision was turned down but it is too early to say when construction will begin.

Now that these plans have been approved, perhaps it is time to live with the decisions and to make the best of them.

August – September 2018