The Wild Wychwoods

We are surrounded by a fabulous array of nature. Speaking as one who was bought up in a city, I feel hugely privileged to be able to experience and enjoy the area all around us – the bluebell woods, Wild Garden, Foxholes and many more. But perhaps because of my city upbringing, I am relatively ignorant about nature. Virtually my only detailed involvement was back in my childhood, making a pressed flower collection, an activity that would now be frowned upon; clearly, I need help.

One solution to my lack of basic knowledge would be if we could find someone, maybe more than one, who would be prepared to submit articles for a regular series entitled ‘The Wild Wychwoods.’ Very few of us are experts in this field so articles about birds, beasts, flowers, bugs, indeed all sorts of wildlife, would be very welcome. So if you feel able to help in this way, with one article or a series of articles, or if you could recommend someone who you feel could be approached to help, please get in touch (our contact details are on page 3); we would love to hear from you and, more importantly, so would many of our readers.

August – September 2018