Queens Award for Volunteering

You may remember reading in a recent edition of ‘The Wychwood’ an article about the Cotswolds Voluntary Wardens. The Wardens are very proud to announce that their commitment to conserving and enhancing the Cotswolds has been recognised by being given the Queens Award for Volunteering. This is particularly rewarding in this our 50th anniversary year.

The Cotswolds Voluntary Wardens make a difference in our villages. Almost 2,000 trees have been planted in Lyneham Parish, the children of the Wychwood Primary School have experienced life outside of the classroom, the sheep wash in Ascott receives regular attention and the footpaths around Milton are due to be improved.

The wardens operate in five districts covering the whole of the Cotswolds and total some 350 wardens. It is fair to say that on every day of the year there are wardens somewhere in the Cotswolds actively engaged in keeping the Cotswolds special.

Rosemary Wilson
(Chairman, East District, Cotswolds Voluntary Wardens)

August – September 2018