The Oxfordshire Museum

This beautiful museum, situated in the centre of Woodstock, is the perfect antidote for all those who dislike museums. It is not dim and dusty; it is not staffed by elderly harridans; it is not a collection of glass cases with withered and browned-off labels. Instead, it is bright and cheerful, a reflection of the staff, it is spacious and, to use the jargon, interactive – things to see, things to listen to, things to do. And it really is suitable for all ages with its celebration of local history and culture.
The surroundings alone are worth the entrance fee, if there was one! The old house which the museum occupies has real character while behind it is a lovely expanse of open lawn, overhung with mature trees, the ideal setting for a picnic. The adjoining café has indoor seats as well as an outdoor decking area with tables.

Many activities and displays are set within the museum. Earlier in the Spring there was a wonderful display of wildlife photographs which held great appeal to outdoor lovers and photographers alike. As soon as one display ends, another takes its place; ’20 years of treasure,’ a display of some of the many recent finds unearthed in the area, lasts into March 2019, while ‘Oxfordshire women and democracy’ ends on 23 September. Their holiday event, ‘Peter Rabbit: mischief and mayhem’ finishes on 9 September.

This is an excellent museum and it is right on your doorstep.

August – September 2018