My first year at Burford School

Fred First DayBefore I actually started at Burford School I was very nervous about how I would get on, how big the school would be, who would be in my form, how much homework would we get? On the Induction Day however I realised it was going to be okay.  My form tutor Miss Charrott was really nice, and I was lucky as four of my friends from Wychwood Primary were in the same form as me. Although I still found the school quite big!

On my first day in September, getting the bus in to school was the most nerve-racking experience! But once I was in school and I was with my friends everything just felt normal. I did find it quite tricky finding all the different classrooms but it didn’t take too long to get used to where they all are.

I have really enjoyed my first year and the variety of different lessons that we do; my favourite lessons are Games/PE, Geography, ICT and Drama. Science has also been really interesting as we get to do lots of experiments. Although I’m still not keen on all the homework!! I have generally found all the lessons a good mix of fun and hard work!

The year started with a trip away for a few days to help get to know people in our forms; this was so much fun and we did loads of different activities. Throughout the year I have particularly enjoyed all the different sports there are to do at the school; Badminton, Rugby, Football, Tennis, Athletics and Cricket have all been brilliant. I have joined a lot of lunchtime and after-school clubs doing these sports, as well as being able to join the gym at school. I have particularly enjoyed representing the school in their Football and Cricket teams. I am really looking forward to taking part on sports day also.

Early on in the year I was given the opportunity to be on the school council. I presented myself to the whole year group and myself and three others were voted to be the year seven representatives. This has involved going to meetings where we discuss how to improve the school.

I am currently looking forward to the French trip to Brittany and all the activities and days out they have planned on it. It will give me a chance to practice some of the French I have learnt this year but I’m not sure about trying oysters at the oyster farm we are visiting!

My first year at Burford has been amazing, I have made loads of new friends, had lots of new experiences and am really enjoying my time at school and I’m looking forward to next year already.

Freddie Rix

August – September 2018