Who am I?

Here are some clues to four local characters, some clear, some cryptic; can you identify each one?
(Answers at the bottom of the page.)

Who am I? (i)

  • I was born in Essex and went on stage at 3 weeks old!
  • I grew up travelling around the UK and performing with my mother on stage, TV, radio, clubs and big charity and Variety Club of Great Britain events.
  • Although I lived in Somerset for many years, I moved to the Wychwoods nearly 39 years ago.
  • I am involved in many different organisations locally and further afield. I love everything I do now and in the past and have a varied and unusual CV!
  • I’m married with two grown children, a step son and two wonderful grandchildren.

Who am I? (ii)

There once was a man from Stow
Who liked to put on a show
Based at the hall
He coaches football
And his guitar plays in tempo.

Who am I? (iii)

  • I’m father to three girls, and one wife.
  • I’ve lived here for just over 7 years; resident of Milton, but can be found across the Wychwoods.
  • I’m not great at DIY, but know quite a bit about hammers.
  • Contrary to popular belief, I don’t have clothes of camel hair; neither am I partial to locusts!
  • I have possibly the most chilled out Springer Spaniel in the world.
  • I’m on the board of governors at Wychwood Primary.
  • I’m always up for some fun and games at Milton fete, as well as taking stock of things.
  • I try to be modest, but have been known to blow my own trumpet.
  • I had my debut as a Wychwood Player at the panto last year (oh yes I did!) – struggling to find my way around the set.

Who am I? (iv)

A Londoner by birth, but a local resident for thirty years, I worked in advertising and then television, before going back to school – in every sense. A brief spell working at the Blue Cross gave me Benson but not Hedges.

A neighbour of the last lady in the Wychwoods with a lollipop, the Sands of time finally shifted, and I moved six years ago to my current location, where my house has distinctive seedpod gateposts and garden sculptures. When not working, I can regularly be found exploring the local area on Shanks’ pony, or racing to yoga.

My husband has been known to drop in from time to time, but has now turned a new leaf, and can certainly see the wood for the trees.


i. Mandy Rae Jessey

Leader of the Saplings and
member of the Wychwood Players


ii. Lee Wyatt-Buchan

Manager of the New Beaconsfield Hall


iii. John Witts

Minister at Wychwood Baptist church


iv. Sarah Allcock

Assistant editor of The Wychwood

June – July 2018