News from Wychwood School

Science week
The school turned into a large science lab as children worked in small groups as part of the Big Science competition. The children were asked to pose a question and then to carry out an investigation. Posters were made to illustrate their work and they all presented their experiments to their class. A winner was chosen from each class and these then presented to the whole school, where a judging panel made up of members of staff chose a winner from each phase. The 8 questions presented to school were:

  • What food do wild animals like to eat the most?
  • Which material will make the best wings for a golden snitch?
  • Are Year 4 girls stronger than Year 4 boys?
  • Does your age affect how quickly you can complete an obstacle course?
  • Which fruit produces the highest voltage?
  • Does a volcano erupt more if you add more vinegar?

With the winning questions :

  • Which balls are the bounciest? – Jess, Tobias, Millie, Megan, Leo and Jasper in KS1.
  • Which powder makes the best fingerprint? – Zelah, Rueben and Tom in LKS2.
  • How do different liquids affect your teeth? – Katie, Annabel, Pippa and Mia in UKS2.

They will present to a panel of judges from the Big Science competition later in the year, who will then make the decision who to invite to the countywide finals.

sleepingoutawvCharity event
Libby from Elm class has spoken to the School Councillors about some of the issues facing the homeless in Oxford during the past few weeks. They took the decision to hold a voluntary sponsored event over the Easter holidays in aid of the homeless charity ‘Shelter.’ We asked the children to spend a night sleeping in a different place, highlighting that there are some people who do not have comfy beds to sleep in everyday, and we could do something by supporting the great work that the Shelter charity does. The children slept in all manner of places: one in a cardboard box in their bedroom, some in tents in their gardens, one in a pony shelter with no door, and one family in a tent on the Black Mountains. £717 was raised in sponsorship which is a tremendous effort. Thank you to Libby for raising awareness of homelessness in Oxford.

Staff Changes
This term we said goodbye to Beth Smith, we thank her for all she did for the children at Wychwood and wish her well in her new role.

Julie Hemmings

June – July 2018