Milton’s Annual Parish Meeting

Wednesday 2nd May saw our Annual Parish Meeting take place. It’s always a bit of a gamble organising this type of meeting, as to what to put on and who to invite, and having done this there is still no guarantee as to who will turn up!

This year I took the idea of ‘Celebrating the Village’. The PC contacted all the organisa-tions that we support, and all the organisations that support the village. We also explained the difference between a normal PC meeting, which is our meeting, and a Parish Meeting, which is the villagers’ meeting. This seemed to work as we ended up with virtually a full hall and 22 representatives to talk to us.

From the start I was concerned that we would be able to give everyone the opportunity to speak within the two hours set aside for the meeting. The representatives, from the WI to Good Companions to Wychwood Scouts, all said their piece and were given a round of applause. We even had Thames Water there to appease villagers!

I learnt a lot about the Village that evening, and we ended up with a very successful meet-ing and ten minutes to spare at the end!

I would like to thank all those who contribute to the Village Life of Milton.

Chris Trotman

June – July 2018