So what’s been going on in The Wild Garden?

wildgardencleanup03Nine years ago many of you in the Wychwoods responded to the call to save the Wild Garden for the
community. Today over 200 of you are involved in the Garden, either as members of the charity or
volunteers, all helping to maintain and develop the Garden as a place for everyone.

Has it always been like this?
But what exactly have we achieved over the last nine years? This was brought home to me by a passing
comment from a recent visitor I met in the Avenue: “Has it always been like this?” they enquired.
Well, we’ve rebuilt the Avenue gate pillars; you may remember the stone balls on the top wobbling when the
gates were opened. The new entrance to Dog Kennel Lane was constructed. The wall along the cricket
ground has been repaired and re-topped.
The canals have all been dredged and rebanked, and the dams and lower sluice repaired. The Round Pond
has been dredged and the surrounding wall rebuilt.
Work has started clearing out the Upper Pond, and a new footbridge built over the sluiceway by the Cedar of
Lebanon. A major goal was the restocking of the water system with carp and tench.

Major Tree work
Over 70 trees have had major works carried out by tree surgeons. This has included removing trees growing
in the canals and Round Pond, as well as removing dead limbs overhanging the paths. At the same time 25
new trees have been planted, including 18 new limes in the avenue replacing non-lime species and filling
empty gaps.
Controlled access across the fields has been agreed to allow a Forest School to operate in the woods,
introducing a new generation to the outdoor world.
Paths have been improved and resurfaced with gravel or wood chippings as appropriate, and the path along
the western boundary has been opened up with obstructions removed and the surface levelled.

Come and Join Us
But there’s a lot more to do. Work is needed on the paths to reduce the winter mud and improve access. The
woodland areas need attention to increase diversity and encourage more wild life, as well as the on going
routine maintenance of keeping the water system free of debris and removing fallen branches.
So can you help us? We need assistance at all levels: new Trustees to take the vision of the garden forward,
an Administrator to help handle the inevitable paperwork, someone to help us improve our communications
and website – as well as willing volunteers to get stuck in. Nothing too onerous but all offers of help very
much appreciated.
So if you value the Wild Garden and want to help ensure its future, get in touch and see how you can help.

Mike Watson
Phone: 0845 8056804

June – July 2018