Appeal for help

The Wychwood magazine has been a regular feature of Cotswold life in the Wychwoods for over thirty years and is run by a team of keen volunteers.

We have a vacancy for the advertising manager role, and we are looking for someone who can spare a few hours each week for a couple of months a year to fill the advertising spaces in the magazine.
We ask all advertisers to place their advert for a year, April through to March, and the role of the advertising manager is to contact all existing advertisers by email in February and March to find out if they wish to continue with their advert for the following year. The majority of advertisers do continue but some drop out. Vacant spaces are then filled by people who have approached us during the year, and have been placed on a waiting list. The job also involves sending invoices (again by email) for payment to each advertiser and monitoring receipt of payment to ensure all advertising revenue is received. Another aspect of the role is to pass any change or alteration to an advert or a new advert to our production company (Orange & Blue) for action. Orange & Blue provide continuous support throughout the year to the role of advertising manager.

If you have time, some computer skills and access to a computer and like the idea of joining a dedicated group of volunteers who produce The Wychwood magazine, then please contact our editor Bob Forster by email

December 2017 – January 2018