Short tales

Grave business
Sam was of the habit of eating his lunch in the local churchyard during the summer months. On Wednesday he sat down on his usual bench and unwrapped his sandwiches. Glancing up, he saw four men carrying a coffin around the yard, not unusual after a funeral. He tucked into his sandwiches and as he screwed up the wrapper, he saw that the men were still walking with the coffin, away from him this time; strange. There was still his banana and, once that was finished, he took a long drink from his water bottle and, yes, there they were still, four men with a coffin.
Clearly, they had lost the plot.

Game, set and match
It was a tragic death and at such a young age too. Twenty four year old Adam Walters had died in a freak incident on the tennis court, felled by a savagely struck tennis ball during the match, the opening act on match point. The club was in mourning. At the funeral, there was a wonderful turnout, a full house, and long were the tributes to such a promising player and a model character. Outside the church after the service, one woebegone mourner was heard to say,
“What a service.”

December 2017 – January 2018